Urology, Ostomy,

Wound Care


 Delivered with Care.

Providing You with Quality Service

 With over 20 years experience in the medical supply business, Anchor Medical prides itself in providing the best approachable customer service. We help navigate the often confusing world of insurance and medical supplies - helping you get the best products possible.

We believe in helping everyone achieve a #BetterLife. 

We accept Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance


Fast, reliable, discreet delivery of supplies at home. 

Orders based on YOUR needs, flexible products and amounts.

Troubleshooting from our knowledgeable, educated staff.


We offer full lines of products and accessories for Urology, Ostomy and

Wound Care. Our utmost goal is a

stress-free, outstanding experience. Our expertise is spinal cord injury. Everyone in our office is affected by paralysis. We should be your first stop for peer support.

Free sampling program to find just the right product. We work with all major manufacturing companies to provide your choice of medical supplies. 

Try us, we are the best!



The best customer service. 

Fast, reliable and discreet delivery to patients, ensuring they have needed supplies at the proper time.

With over 20 years experience in the medical supply industry, our team brings a wealth of knowledge that helps you easily manage your caseload.

Samples of new products, new product education and support. 

We care about the outcome. We work diligently to make the referral process seamless for everyone involved. 

We work with all major manufacturers and provide samples and a full line of quality products. 

Better Health from Quality Products

From Our Customers


I just wanted to tell you that when I was at the ostomy support meeting last Friday, the Convatec rep brought brochures for a supply company in Savannah. I have been totally frustrated and dissatisfied for the past year, and have been looking for information on a new supplier to change to, so I took one of the brochures. I called the number and got the owner of Anchor Medical and had a nice chat with him. I gave him my Medicare and supplement insurance  and primary doctor info, he called me back at 4:30 that afternoon, took my order, and it arrived today – less than 24 hours later! I am SO impressed with this guy and his company, and just wanted to tell you that if you run into anyone who is looking for a local supplier, THIS  is the company! After years of frustration dealing with these huge companies, who care nothing about “customer service”, this is such a relief to find this company.   If you talk to the Convatec rep, please thank him for mentioning Anchor Medical – at the perfect time!

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