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#SCI News from Around the Web

As of May 7th, what's new in the world of #spinalcordinjury

Spinal cord injury in the times of coronavirus is challenging. From caregiver issues to fears of the virus, our community has been rocked by the challenge of staying safe. However, as a whole, the resilience and determination of those with SCI is a huge benefit for coping.

News these days is full of how people are dealing with COVID-19. The folks at New Mobility Magazine have written a beautiful slice of life, interviewing a nurse on the front lines, changing perceptions from her wheelchair, a quad on a ventilator and a pregnant wheelchair user, ready to give birth any day. I highly recommend that you read it!

And, as long as you are there, check out my newest article for them on 'Family Fun in the Summertime'. It may share some ideas on how differently-abled families are getting outside and blowing off some steam. I was able to interview so many great families, including some @WagsofSCI!

This is nurses week and we are celebrating all the professionals who are working double, triple overtime to take care of everyone. Thank you nurses!

If you are interested, United Spinal is looking for testers for technology. They've partnered with Google and Microsoft, among others, and formed a panel to bring greater access to products for wheelchair users.

I'm so sorry I missed this, but May 3, Red Bull hosted a run benefitting spinal cord injury research. Called 'Wings for Life World Run' it was held virtually over 103 countries. Great job Red Bull! Check this out:

They have a whole dashboard of spinal cord injury news. Pretty cool - I'd say to drink more Red Bull, but maybe not!

There's a new study out that links spinal cord injury with an enhanced risk of anxiety and depression. I'm trying to have a kind attitude but really feel they are stating the obvious. They did find a link to cardiovascular disease, liver disease, diabetes and a whole host of other illnesses based on the sedentary nature of SCI. Here's the study:

Now get out and move! If you can't get out - there are plenty of virtual options at home. I will say that they are having a few studies that say COVID-19 doesn't thrive outdoors, so maybe also find some sunshine. Here are a few favorite options for exercise:

Shepherd has a YouTube channel with a collection of weight exercises:

The staff at Brooks Adaptive Sports and Rehabilitation are always having Zoom classes. You can find access on their Facebook. They have virtual parties and fun all the time:

Finally, it's THROW BACK THURSDAY! In the constant search for fun during our own Zoom sessions, the Sales and Marketing Department has a contest every week. So far, we've had 'Best Quote' (James inspired us with 'You don't have to acknowledge the injury, but you have to accept it'), 'Best T-shirt' (kudos to Ty for his 'Roll Model' shirt) and 'Best Hat' (Tom is Captain Awesome). This week was best TBT picture. We've had some laughs -

Check our social for the rest and thank you Ty Williams for this!


What a remarkable human. More to follow as he starts to cover the territory in Maryland, Virginia and Washington. We're excited to have him on board!

Everyone have a fantastic weekend. As always, if you need expert help with catheters and urological supplies, we'd sure like to provide for you! Anchor Medical is on standby to take your call - from our dining room table these days. 1-833-667-8669.

We are also here if you'd just like to talk. Our peer support is like no other!

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