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Medical Supplies & Coronavirus?

Don't worry - we aren't experiencing delays.

COVID-19 has us all worrying, but as far as your urology and ostomy supplies, don't stress. We aren't experiencing any disruption of service. If problems arise in the future, we've got a plan to continue the quality supplies you need to stay healthy and experience a #BetterLife.

There are a few recommendations that the CDC and World Health Organization have made in regards to packaging delivered to your home. They both consider contracting COVID-19 from packages very low risk. The biggest way to protect yourself from virus germs in the mail is to wash, wash, wash those hands. Here's a graphic on the best method:

A word about getting extra supplies. We work within the rules of your insurance plan. A few will allow a three-month supply, but for the most part, insurance covers a monthly supply. Let us worry about the extra products and you enjoy the freedom of having enough supplies on a regular basis to maintain good health.

To keep our environment safe, we are all social distancing and working from home. The office is checked daily and all phones are forwarded. We are having a great time checking in on Zoom with each other and collaborating from our home offices.

There are lots of tips and tricks to sterilize your environment on our social media this week. Give us a follow for videos on breathing techniques, which areas of a wheelchair need to be cleaned and positive messages from our peer supporters. If you are experiencing stress about your #ostomy or #urological supplies, give us a call.

We are available to you - 1-833-667-8669.

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