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Best Apps for Wheelchair Users

A few weeks ago, James directed my attention to a newer app available for wheelchair users. IAccess is one of many that offers information on accessibility. What's exciting about this product is that users can rate and describe the ease of accessibility. In the wheelchair community, it's understood that 'accessible' can mean a lot of different things.

It may mean a ramp that's easy to gain entrance into a restaurant or store, but it could also mean someone that is provided for access that's too steep to push up manually or blocked by storage, trash cans or furniture. IAccess hopes to eliminate that with real information that will allow people to confidently plan times out with friends or family and no unexpected surprises.

Since this app has such obvious value, I had to check out if there were other great apps and technological solutions for wheelchair users. There are so many that tackle problems and add value!

Apple Watch Accessibility

Besides a bevy of automated services that run straight from your phone (Smart TV remotes, smart lighting from Phillips Hue, Amazon Echo, garage openers, etc.), the Apple Watch now tracks workouts for wheelchair users. The goal rings are labeled 'roll', 'exercise' and 'move' instead of standing goals and activity is measured in pushes. The workout app has an outdoor wheelchair walk and run pace for different variables of speed.


Created by our friends at Coloplast, Wheelmate is also powered by information added by wheelchair users. It is tackling two of the biggest problems in being out and about in a semi-accessible world, "Where is the nearest accessible toilet?" and "Where is available handicapped parking?". Wheelmate has information for over 45 countries, so it's appropriate to use while traveling.

Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller

Another accessible technology is in the works for gamers - there is some real excitement for Xbox to tackle the dexterity issues involved in the regular game controller. While there are lots of different solutions that can get someone back to gaming, this controller is supposed to tackle limited mobility

What are your favorite apps or user-friendly technology devices?

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