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Our Story

Have we ever told you our story?

Anchor Medical is a new business venture, but we have been around in the medical supply world for a long time.

Anchor Medical has a mission. Our #BetterLife isn't just a saying, it's a belief. We intend to reach every person needing quality urology, ostomy and wound care medical supplies and give them the best products available, so that they can live life fully. We live this mission every day because of our history.

Paul Farthing, owner of Anchor Medical, was injured right before he was to return to school at The Citadel for his sophomore year. He dove into his family swimming pool, breaking C-5. He was rapidly transported to Memorial Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia, undergoing spinal fusion and stabilization and then promptly transported to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta for ongoing therapy. Back in the day, you were allowed to stay four months.

Paul worked hard to return to life as he knew it. When he was discharged from Shepherd, he did realize the challenges this injury had placed before him. He went back to school at a community college, since the Citadel was a place he could no longer 'march'. "I was able to push to class, then I slept through class. I'd push to the next class and sleep again. I had to take all the classes over, but it was better than sitting on the couch."

In 1997, Paul graduated magna cum laude with a psychology degree. His peer mentor hired him to work in sales at Uromed in Atlanta and he learned to serve the spinal cord injury community in all that he did for work. In his personal life, he married his college sweetheart Jessica and started his family. A few years later, he was hired as the first urological sales representative in North America for Coloplast Corporation.

Paul and Jessica moved back to Savannah, along with their three children Liz, Mac and Jake, to spend time with family and be closer to the ocean. Paul's job required him to travel the entire length of the East coast for sales. With such a young family, it was time to find something, anything that didn't make him travel as much. They made a decision to open a medical supply company in Savannah and named it Southeast Medical.

In a few short years, Southeast Medical grew to provide supplies across the United States. It became the premiere provider in the Southeast. The company sponsored wheelchair athletes, scholars, innovators and events. The logo included the term 'pursue life', a belief system that is now apparent in Anchor Medical.

In 2014, Paul and Jessica suffered personal tragedy. Their fathers were both diagnosed with cancer, the kind that can't be treated. They began to be pulled in several different directions - supporting their mothers, nursing their fathers, all while still raising a family. They made the difficult decision to sell Southeast Medical and focus on the time they had with these important men in their lives. Later in the year, both fathers passed away. They completed their goal of supporting their family with love and time.

In 2016, they were further tested by a breast cancer diagnosis for Jessica. She's well, and thriving. They take their life experience and use it to motivate them to do the best every day for their clients dealing with the challenges of health problems, diagnosis and life as wheelchair users.

In 2017, the couple opened Anchor Medical. They bring the breadth of their business experience, peer support from Paul and from our sales team for those with spinal cord injury and ostomies and a belief that no health challenge can get in the way of a #betterlife to their business. Call today, 1-833-667-8669 and become part of the Anchor Medical family. You won't regret it.

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