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We Believe in Water

Around here, we believe in water - so much that we nautically named our business. Because we are interested in your continued health as an ostomate, we hope you are just as interested in water, especially to prevent issues with dehydration.

Correct fluid intake is important for all of us to be healthy, but having an ileostomy can add more of a challenge to stay hydrated. The colon, which is missing or bypassed through this surgery, absorbs the water and salt that your body needs to function properly. While our remarkable bodies will tend to adapt in time to the changes, ileostomy patients may need to up their sodium intake after surgery to compensate.

Fatigue and headaches as well as dark, smelly urine may be the first symptoms noticed, but careful attention needs to be given to output (and input!). A good rule of thumb is to consume about 1500ml more than your ileostomy output.

Here are some suggestions to fight dehydration:

*Drink sports drinks for quick electrolyte replacement

*Vary your drinks - Vegetable juice is a good source of salt, coconut water replaces electrolytes, protein drinks have more vitamins. Other good ways to rehydrate are juice, herbal tea without caffeine and good old fashioned water!

*Carry a refillable water bottle wherever you go and track your drinking during the day. Little amounts are better than chugging to make up for a deficit

*Remember that alcohol dehydrates, so drink more to make up for any adult beverages. Caffeine from coffee and tea can cause you to lose more fluid and fruit juices, especially prune, can cause diarrhea. Keep an eye on your output and drink more if you need.

Water is important to sustain our health and energy. Make sure your amounts are correct for your medical needs!

Do you have any suggestions to help fluid intake? Please leave some comments and suggestions for the community in the section below.

-Disclaimer- Please follow the advice of your doctor before making any dietary changes.

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