• Jessica Farthing

Ostomy and Nutrition - Have things changed?

If you need ostomy surgery, the goal of your medical team is to restore a full and vibrant life. As with any health challenge, nutrition plays a part in successful recovery and a healthy approach to living. To help prevent issues with blockage, malabsorption and continence, a calculated approach to your diet is key.

Right after surgery, you may require a bland, soft diet. with low fiber foods and cooked fruits and vegetables. It might be good idea to gradually add back meats and dairy.

Often, as a regular diet is resumed, you can see some weight gain. Your body is so relieved! It is free from the illness affecting your digestion. Restrictions in your diet have been removed. Also, some issues with malabsorption, the bodies ability to pull needed nutrients from your food, can happen. This is easily preventable, drinking more fluid and eating more nutrient-rich, quality food in smaller portions.

With each surgery being so personalized and different, the best source for nutrition information would be your physician. The United Ostomy Associates of America offers a comprehensive diet guide broken down into sections devoted to each type of surgery. They are a fantastic source of information. You can check out the entire guide here:

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