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Ostomy Problem Solving - A Few Solutions for Irritation

With the unique nature of each ostomate's anatomy, it is important to pick products that can customize their fit. Anchor Medical carries a variety of manufacturers: Securi-T USA, Convatec, Coloplast and Hollister. Our team works diligently to get you a product that is easy to use and comfortable.

Sometimes skin can become irritated from the adhesives, even though you are using the correct product.

These 8 suggestions are brought to you by Securi-T USA to help address these issues:

Make sure skin is 100% dry when fastening a new appliance

Don't use lotions or creams in the area where you need the appliance to adhere to the skin. This reduces its ability to stay in place.

Baby wipes aren't a great cleaner! Use a product that removes adhesive. They are made to protect your skin.

Stoma paste has its limits - it is not an adhesive. It is great for caulking and packing gaps, but if you need to fill in an irregularity in the skin surrounding your stoma, you should use a seal. These reduce leakage and absorb into the skin while you wear them, offering more protection.

Pouches should be emptied when they are 1/2 full. A heavy pouch can pull loose from your skin. Keep them light!

When you are applying, hold the skin smooth to eliminate wrinkles under the appliance. Use fingertips to smooth the material so that the wafer meets the skin.

Be gentle when you are removing your appliance. Use an adhesive remover made for this task.

Following these suggestions will help to prevent skin breakdown. Call our specialists now for more information:


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